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Studio Verge is a boutique Architectural practice based in Bangalore with over a decade's experience and 50+ projects spread across the states of Karnataka, Tamilnadu, Kerala & Telangana.


Headed by Sharanya Iyer, Studio Verge is dedicated to create sustainable solutions that are climatically sensitive, striving to balance contemporary living with optimal ecological footprint.  The design aesthetic is a tasteful marriage of contemporary design ideas and traditional material that are indigenous to the region.  


Our work is flavoured by the following  characteristic themes that remain at the heart of all our designs.

seed final.png
art (1).png

Our designs sow seeds of green through built form integrating open and semi open spaces in the form of courtyards, terraces, balconies, verandahs, front yards and backyards.

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All our designs are sustainable and revolve around working with natural elements like sun, rain, wind and light to enhance livability. We reduce heat gain, artificial conditioning and provide enhanced glare free daylight and natural ventilation for physical comfort.

Story (corridor negative space).png
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Every building is a story of the people. We built in tandem with the culture and history of the region while  meeting the  lifestyle & aspirational needs of end users.

earth 03.png
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We thrive in building with the earth. Using earth; rammed earth, adobe, cobb and with the earth reducing energy and carbon footprints.





The aforementioned themes form the crux of our design ideologies. Whether the design is for homes, public buildings or planning at a larger level, these design principles are incorporated as we strongly believe that sustainable architecture is the present and the future of our planet. We believe in iterative design that allows for the evolution of each project which achieves a balance between functional needs, sustainability, durability and ease of maintenance.


We strive to create buildings that offer a unique and tranquil experience while resonating with natural rhythms,current lifestyle and serviceability. In each project, we allow the occupant to choose how far he/she wishes to go towards being sustainable, often defined by their budget, usage pattern and ease of maintenance. See how our design ideas are manifested into built forms here

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