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Adobe - Abode


Warangal, Rural AP

Year: of completion


Project size:

1000 sqft


Ar.Sharanya Iyer, Ar. Sowmya Kokka, Ar.Vasu CS


Mr. Raghu Kidambi

This is an ideal example of architecture that is earthy, rooted, and minimal. The focus of this design is to use local materials where one can see that it has an in-situ granite-size stone masonry substructure and filler roof slab using pot lids and recycled Mangalore tiles together with local soil made into CSEB (Compressed stabilized earth blocks) to create corbelled load-bearing piers and walls. As a practice that not only designs but also builds on-site, we have undertaken this project right from its conception to its execution on-site. It has been built by our team of experts who are specialized in building with earth using the material available locally and on-site. The Semi-arid weather conditions of Telangana demand the use of passive design techniques such as South Facing Trombe walls and staircases, and deep wall fins on the East and West as seen in this design. A majority of openings are oriented North to ensure that pleasant and constant light percolates into the built form throughout the day.

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