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Casa Tranquila


Sarjapur, Bangalore KA

Year: of completion


Project size:

3 Villa types 1500Sft, 2000 Sqft and 3000 Sqft Villa


Ar.Sharanya Iyer, Ar.Soumya Kokka, Ar.Shouvik Acharya


InnerSpaces Builders

As one craves a break from the humdrum of the city and a hectic life in a concrete jungle, these homes are a much-needed escape to relax and rejuvenate. The architecture of these homes is carefully tailored to create a Spanish oasis and a getaway amidst ample greenery. The house design of each of these villas comes with a series of interesting architectural elements like courtyards, piazzas, skylights, etc as the indoor and outdoor spaces seamlessly flow into each other. The integration of natural elements like wind, natural light, and landscape is a significant part of this style. Bringing in the outdoors further makes the spaces livelier and engaging as there is a constant change in light, seasons, and shadows that create different ambiances throughout the day and the year. Open plans have been used for the spatial planning of the lower level of the houses. Public areas like living spaces, lounge areas, dining areas, etc are accommodated here.
These spaces are integrated with patios and courtyards to further reaffirm the style of architecture used. The upper levels house the more private areas like bedrooms, bathrooms, etc, and are paired with terraces, private decks, double-height windows, and balconies that make the space look large and airy. These features also assist in making the design more sustainable as they help tackle the various weather extremities faced in these regions. The orientation of the building and placement of the openings are also climatically sensitive and are carefully designed to optimize it for the climate of the region. The exterior design is adorned with earthy tones and signature features of Spanish homes.

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