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Oasis of Light


Coimbatore TN

Year: of completion


Project size:

3 Villa Types 3700 to 4500Sqft each


Ar.Sharanya, Ar.Smriti, Ar.Praveen


Mr. Arvind Sabapaty

The Architecture of these villas aims to bring the varied moods of the different natural elements into the indoor spaces throughout the day. The design of these homes embodies the sun and brings in abundant greenery in the rapidly developing suburban setting. The open plans are devised to focus on creating large airy spaces that are lavished with natural light and ventilation. It is achieved through the creation of courtyards, French windows, and clear stories that create a sense of spaciousness while also using the play of light and patterns to create more interest in the different parts of the house. Cross ventilation and other sustainable design inputs are used to combat the excess heat and humidity as experienced in the tropical climate of Coimbatore, and we optimized the shading and orientation of openings within the constraints of Vaastu. The spatial layout and the individual villa designs are also Vastu compliant and the material and finishes used are in line with the latest trends. The facade design is minimal, uncluttered, and contemporary to ensure ease of maintenance and appeal to middle-aged, professional, well-traveled occupants.

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