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Safe Haven


Koramangala, Bangalore KA

Year: of completion


Project size:

5000 Sqft 8 studio Flats


Ar.Sharanya Iyer, Ar.Soumya Kokka, Ar.Shouvik Acharya


Mr. Nandakumar

With more and more young people living independently, there is a higher demand for studio flats that are contemporary, classy, and easy to maintain. As this is a small site in the heart of Bangalore, we have maximized the footprint possibility with 8 studio flats and a double-height entry and waiting area for residents to meet visitors. Each typical floor has 2 one-bedroom units and 1 studio space, with the roof level housing a one-bedroom penthouse which is a rentable bed & breakfast. The design concept for this project revolves around using shading devices for the dual purpose of protection from the sun and provision of privacy. Large french windows are paired with a second skin of louvers. Since it's a tight site with less breathing space, the frontage has been maximized to ensure natural ventilation which is also achieved through standing balconies and window seat box projections, sit-outs, terraces, and balconies. Tiled roofs with glass inserts are used over the stairwell to further add an element of interest while keeping the circulation core well-lit. The spatial planning optimizes the spaces available without compromising on the quality and flavor of the flats.

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