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Sun & Seed Residence


Kasavanahalli, Bangalore, KA

Year: of completion


Project size:

5000 Sqft


Ar.Sharanya Iyer, Ar.Smrithi Parrakat, Ar.Prerana NT


Mr.Sachin Kotangale & Mrs. Vidhya Iyer

The themes of the Sun, Seed, and Earth have been incorporated into the architecture of this home. An independent home for a family, this house accommodates four bedrooms, a lush lounge, living spaces, and a large dining and kitchen area. The house is predominantly an open plan with spaces as well as light, breeze, and greenery flowing in seamlessly. The upper levels house the more private parts of the home with bedrooms and lounge areas that are paired with exclusive balconies and stepped garden terraces. Skylights, large windows, and openings bring in the sun and natural ventilation while the courtyards and pockets of green spaces sow the seed of tranquil landscaping into the built form. The theme of the earth is incorporated through walls that are rammed earth, exposed brick, or mud plaster. This house is a classic example of using traditional materials and design concepts to create spaces that are minimalistic and contemporary. The exterior design is unique as the monotony is broken by creating levels, angles, and offsets in the design. Different materials and styles are used to stay true to the style adopted. The facade design makes a conscious effort to stand apart while also having a very informed built language.

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