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Thatch Terrain


Penukonda , AP

Year: of completion


Project size:

1500 Sqft


Ar.Sharanya Iyer, Ar.Smrithi Parrakat, Ar.Prerana


Ms. Uma Ranganathan

Sustainability is an integral part of our practice and we constantly strive to make buildings that are not just climatically sensitive but are also low on energy and carbon footprint, by using local and eco-friendly materials. The architecture of this cottage nestled amongst lush greenery and rocks attempts to use what is locally available such as thatch, brick, terracotta jali, and stone to create a built form that blends with the setting that's rugged and rustic and is almost camouflaged in the Penukonda hills.MS details and recycled glass bottle inserts have been used to create interesting partitions that offer an ever-changing play of light and privacy to the occupants. The design of the home encourages living close to nature and yet in contemporary comfort without making a display of wealth or finesse. This project is not only designed by us but has been executed and built on-site by our team of seasoned workforce, trained to take on the construction of natural buildings.

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