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Villa Grandiose



Year: of completion


Project size:

15000 Sqft


Ar.Sharanya ,Ar.Smriti Parakkat, Ar.Shanti, Ar.Mithali,Ar.Kiran, Ar.Prerana


Mr.Gumidelli Srinivas

This luxurious villa accommodates 6 bedrooms and bathrooms with attached living, dining, kitchen, swimming pool, courtyard event space, party room, game room, and a multipurpose accommodating space for large family gatherings and events for a wealthy Hyderabad-based family. These rooms spill into the landscape with numerous verandahs, lounge spaces, and decks together with built-form offsets bringing in the expansive outdoors. An elevated stepped garden podium leads up to the house entering through a shaded porch allowing for evening gatherings and space to host special gatherings. The spaces are large and unassuming with elegant colonnaded corridors and large windows and french doors. Stylistically this project aims to create a classical yet contemporary villa that's adequately spacious and well-endowed to extrude a sense of grandeur based on the client's requirements. The colors and materials used are fairly restrained and elegant to ensure the focus is on the scale and volumes on the exterior and the play of light and shade in the interior. The upper level is dedicated to private spaces like bedrooms, but both levels are visually connected through the large central courtyard. The interiors of the space are awash with natural light and ventilation and the openings frame views around the villa that offer an ever-changing canvas to the occupants of the house.

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