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Light & Louvers


Hyderabad TS

Year of completion


Project size

20000 Sft


Ar.Sharanya Iyer, Ar.Smriti Parrakat, Ar.Prerana



As is the case with most commercial spaces, this project also began with a client brief to maximise rental space and therefore increasing the revenues generated. Within this framework of not leaving any additional open space, we negotiated the facade space to create a series of louvres to provide shade, thereby reducing the heat gained by the glass facade and the long term energy use and maintenance costs. The louvres reduce the heat gain and provide glare free natural lighting to the workstations without compromising on the clients requirement of a contemporary glass facade to appeal to international brands. The glass in the facade is also optimised to have spandrel (opaque) and vision (transparent) glass panels to control heat ingress and to make it more comfortable. The spatial planning itself is well defined with a clear open floor plate and separate services and the circulation core are segregated to one side.

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