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Laurie Bakers impact

Updated: Apr 15, 2022

Stumbled upon site photos from a 2014/15 learning center for ECS foundation near Tindivanam TN. This not for profit foundation sought to provide a 1000 sft space for local children to spend evenings learning / browsing magazines, computers and books.

We set out to create a space that would be spacious, well lit and colorful within the limited budget given to us using materials and labor that were locally available.

Rat Trap walls and a folded plate filler roof emerged, inspired by Laurie Baker. Rainwater rings were substituted for windows and Colorful blue and green attangudi tiles for flooring. The filler roof with a couple of glass tile skylights stole the children's hearts!

"Every one of the villagers and children were happy with vidyalaya, as your design and structure was very appealing and beautiful. Even very senior and experienced villagers said, they did not see anything like this structure and they very much appreciated your work, thoughtful children delighted with the design." - Mr. E. Chandrasekaran

ECS Vidyalaya Evalur

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