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Sabiha's House

Over the years, we have not only had repeated clients but also a series of almost repeated projects.

Similar sites, 30x40 or 40x60 that are standard dimensions in the Indian urban scape, similar Byelaws constraining height, setbacks, and built-up areas, and clients demanding Vaastu compliance defining entry, location of rooms, stairs, tallest point, etc results in a series of very similar looking buildings.

The only variation possibilities become façade materials, window shade treatment, balcony space possibilities, and a little push and pull in the façade if the client is willing to let go of a little footprint. In some projects of similar nature, we really pushed hard and tried to explore possibilities even within the constraints of Vaastu, byelaws, and maximized footprint negotiating a couple of tradeoffs along the way.

Clients sharing larger-than-life reference images of the spaces / green spaces were used to leverage in a courtyard space that is often rare and almost impossible to convince and squeeze in in the urban context. We secretly thanked Pinterest for providing aspirational green space as an inspiration, the same site that often limits design possibilities through rigid imagery aspirations can also help in some instances!!

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