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Nitin Bopanna

Junior Architect

Nitin is a highly energetic young architect in our firm, and we look forward to molding him as a future leader. He started off his architectural journey with a focus on sustainability at Auroville to pursue his interest in Earth architecture. He extensively worked on-site to learn more about how to use local materials to construct, low-cost housing, etc. He currently handles diverse projects including design, detail drawings, timeline, material, and labor force management at the site to help realize projects from paper to reality. We are happy to have such talent in our midst, given his alignment with our core values of sustainable design and incorporation of earth-friendly practices in all spheres from site to services to architecture and interiors.
In his free time, he enjoys music, art, making natural paints, and rescuing dogs and cats. He also loves the outdoors & lives life in the moment.

Nitin Bopanna
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